Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Desmos & Command F

Today a fellow used Cathy Yenca's Reflections activity with her students. It's a wonderful activity for Math 8. The most recent "copy previous" feature from Desmos kicked it up a notch too.

Have you ever found it challenging to quickly read through all the student responses in a Desmos activity? Here's an idea:
Use your browser's "Find..." function.
Google Chrome is my browser of choice. See how the simple combination of Desmos and Command+F (Ctrl+F on a PC) made Yenca's activity informative to both students and teacher.

When class time is precious, Desmos activities are awesome, dashboards are informative, and student input is rich, it creates great potential for teachable moments in math class. I hope this tip is helpful and further enhances your formative assessment of student thinking inside Desmos activities.

Command F,

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