Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 Ignite at NWMC

I delivered my second Ignite Talk at the 54th Annual Northwest Mathematics Conference in Whistler, Canada this past weekend.

I start my Ignite saying:
Take 10 seconds to think of the most forgettable parts of your math class.

I am so grateful for the wonderful BCAMT program committee (<---follow them). They worked extremely hard to put a great conference together. Thank you Chris, Marc, Sandra, and Selina for inviting me out. Whistler is so beautiful this time of year and I learned a lot from the great sessions and speakers. It was a pleasure to hang with some old math friends and make new ones too!

There were some other great Ignite talks and I hope that someone part of the BCAMT was able to record them in order to post online. To the entire Ignite team: Marian, Ron, Robert, Allison, Janice, Carole and Marc (emcee). WE DID IT!


*P.S. Here's my first Ignite talk.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

OCMC Keynote: Tools for Student Thinking

The wonderful people at Orange County Math Council have asked me to be the Keynote speaker tomorrow night, Monday, October 19, 2015.

OCMC is hosting the 2015-16 Math Tech Night in Tustin, CA a la EdCamp Style. Math teachers will have the chance to share with and learn from other teachers their math tech tools, secrets, and favorites.

The title of my Keynote is: Tools for Student Thinking.

I've scheduled my TweetDeck to tweet out parts of my Keynote during the keynote, starting at 5:00 pm (PST). Hopefully you can follow along or tune into the #OCMC15 hashtag at your convenience. I'm really pumped.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cheeseball Estimation 180

Earlier this week, I tweeted out a new Estimation 180 challenge:
How many cheeseballs will cover the plate?

Thanks for playing along. The video reveal is below.
Here is the latest Estimation 180 series: Cheeseballs!
Days 206-210

Enjoy getting your hands dirty (with orange cheese dust).