Monday, April 9, 2018

True Confessions of A Math Teacher

During the 2018-19 school year, I'm interested in presenting on the valuable role that reflection plays on our growth as professional educators. Part of that growth is recognizing where we were in the past and how those moments in time have helped us grow to where we currently are as professional educators. My session would most likely be titled:

Therefore, I'd like to share a true confession with you about a concept I once taught and how it wasn't the most conceptual way of teaching it to students. I'll admit, it was a gimmick. I had plenty of gimmicks, but I'm only sharing one for now. Come to my session and I'll share a few more. Because of my desire to improve and grow as an educator, I stumbled upon a more conceptual way to teach the concept.

I'm hoping you will join me in learning more about our craft of teaching through the power of reflection.

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In doing so, I hope you will take a couple minutes to confidentially share something about your growth with me. All responses will remain confidential. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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