Thursday, July 16, 2015

Turning 3 Challenges Into 3 Charges

My next three weeks are slammed with opportunities, via conferences and teacher trainings, to work with fellow teachers, learn from them, and share resources and thoughts about what I'm most passionate about in math education. The great thing about this two-way learning environment is that it will make me even stronger and better equipped for the upcoming school year as I support my fellows in their classroom.

If we're at the same conference or teacher training, you will be hearing me drive home the importance of the following three challenges we face as teachers of students and students of teachers:
  • Problem solving
  • Student thinking
  • Number sense
  • Why are these three challenges so important?
  • Why am I so passionate about lesson design and tech tools that meaningfully support these three challenges?
  • What resources are available to teachers to support students?
  • How do we implement said resources to support problem solving, student thinking, and number sense?
At the end of our time together during a workshop or conference, I hope you become better equipped with strategies, tools, resources, ideas, and inspiration to make them your charges for the upcoming school year.

Thanks in advance for letting me be part of your valuable PD time and for allowing me to absorb your insight and knowledge at the same time.  



  1. It was a pleasure to learn with you at TMC '15. Watching all the amazing presenters inspired me to take a more active role as a presenter myself. But watching you work reminds me that, as a presenter, it is important to listen and learn from those attending. We want to change the "I do/we do/you do" model in our work with students in our classrooms. It's important to think about that change in PD sessions as well.

    1. Right on. Glad to hear you'll consider presenting. I think it'd be great.