Thursday, February 19, 2015

Elevator Speech by Steve Leinwand (Reprise)

You might remember I did seven days worth of elevator speeches back in September, 2014. I was honored to receive two contributions from Steve Leinwand. I was so inspired by his Day 5 elevator speech that I created an audio/visual representation. Check it out.

It’s only one of eight Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, but we can change schools and change lives if we truly implement Mathematical Practice 3:  “Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.”  In many ways, these nine words may be the most important words in the entire Common Core effort.  We can’t expect students to construct viable arguments unless we ask them “why?” and “how do you know?” and “can you convince us?”  When we ask such questions we are laying the foundation for the reasoning and justifying that represent the thinking that schools need to develop in all students.  Similarly, we can’t expect students to critique the reasoning of others unless we create classrooms where student thinking is valued and students contribute to their own learning within communities of learners.  Moreover, this isn’t just mathematics, but what needs to happen in English language arts, social studies and science as well. So when one cuts through all of the misrepresentations and politics that surround the Common Core, these powerful nine words transcend our differences and capture what every parent and every citizen should be demanding from their schools and for their children.
Words by: Steve Leinwand
Spoken by: Andrew Stadel
Audio/visual by: Andrew Stadel

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  1. Awesome job Andrew. I was at a workshop with Steve in October and he made that point so eloquently. After all, if we aren't making real progress with SMP3, what are we actually accomplishing, in the end?