Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tip Jar

Vimeo has a feature where their users can add a "Tip Jar" option to a video. Yes, viewers and users on Vimeo can monetarily tip other users to show their appreciation for a video. Today, I activated that on most of my videos.
I started typing this blog giving some examples in life where I gladly tip, reluctantly tip, and refuse to tip specific services in life. I changed my mind as I'm not here to cause waves, offend people, or get into an argument about tipping when the decision to tip a service is completely subjective.  Bottom line: I gladly tip others for their services when the service was completed in an efficient, professional, and satisfactory way, the service was something I can't do on my own, or they're sharing some passionate artistic talent that touched my heart in a compelling way.

I'm not putting my lessons, videos, or pictures on Teachers Pay Teachers. I don't work for a textbook publisher who pays me to do this stuff. I'm not selling this stuff to teachers, schools, or curriculum writers for profit. I've simply put it out there (on that wild internet) for others (teachers) to use, enjoy, and most importantly use with their students for learning math. Please don't think of this as a tip jar at a restaurant or specialty food service. Think of my Tip Jar as that open guitar case in front of the person pouring their heart out on the street giving you a few seconds of raw talent to brighten your day. I might sing out of key a few times, forget the right chord, or might have a string out of tune, but I'm sharing this stuff because I'm passionate about it, love doing it, and enjoy seeing other students learn math. If you feel obliged to tip, my gratitude will be eternal. If you don't tip, I still love you for taking the time to check out my stuff and possibly use with your students. That's the best tip you could give me!


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  1. Love this perspective. I just discovered TeachersPayTeachers over the weekend and wrote a blog post about it... Suffice it to say, I am not a fan.

    But the tip jar is perfect - teachers are still sharing for the benefit of our students and if there's a desire to offer some monetary "thank you," then you can do that. Kudos, Vimeo.