Thursday, June 25, 2015

How Much Is Your Name Worth?

Starting next week, I'll be back in the classroom with my own roster of students. I'm super pumped and plan to be really active on this blog...  I plan to do a mixture of blogging about ideas before I use them with students and after I use them.

I need to quickly learn the names of my students on Day 1, especially since I'll only be with them for only 20 days. I'll probably do the Name Tent activity and Class Height activities found here. However, I want to establish some mathematical tones as well. For example, most tasks/activities will require students to:
  • make guesses (too low, too high, just right)
  • submit data
  • collect data
  • sort data
  • use the data
  • measure
  • problem-solve
  • make predictions
  • use technology
How much is your name worth?
If each letter of the alphabet was worth its place in the alphabet, how much is your name worth?
For example:
A-N-D-R-E-W would be 1 + 14 + 4 + 18 + 5 + 23 = 65

Figure out how many points your name is and submit it here:

What name will have the lowest points?
What name will have the highest points?
What will be the class average?

If this is golf, the lowest wins.
If this is basketball, the highest wins.
If I want the class average, what would that be?
  • Students will submit their values using Google Forms.
  • We learn how to sort the data in Google Sheets.
  • We can answer our questions.
  • We can use the data to predict the value of the next person that walks into our class, or the principal, or a parent, a stranger, etc.
This should not necessarily last that long, but there will be parts of the process that will be important to being more successful and efficient during our time together.

Name value,