Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Classroom Visit in New Hampshire

Yesterday, I had the great fortune to Skype with a second grade class and their teachers in New Hampshire.


There were about 6 students who came up to the webcam to:
Here are some of their favorite Estimation 180 challenges:
Some of the questions they asked:
  • How do you say your last name?
  • How do I think of the estimation challenges?
  • Who takes the pictures of me?
  • Will you do more Lego estimation challenges?
  • How many estimation challenges are there on the site? (I was asked this twice.)
  • Will I continue to make more estimation challenges?
After finishing Q&A with my six new friends, Ms. Spear asked if anyone else wanted to share something. One girl spoke up and thanked me for
"...helping my brain to think more and not give up."
This warmed my math heart and made my day. I think that's a direct reflection of Ms. Spear and her colleagues who are creating a classroom of curiosity, perseverance, and risk-taking. They're raising the bar high for all of us, so anyone who gets Ms. Spear's students in the future, please continue to carry the torch and never let that flame become extinguished.

Something else warmed my heart. Ms. Spear shared that the class used estimation challenges, mohawks, and the strength of a small school community to raise money for Levi and his fight with cancer. Woah! Cool!

I thanked them for being such a polite, mature, and respectful group. As you can only imagine second graders staying seated for longer than 18 seconds is a small miracle. They were a classy group that has inspired me.

Thank you Ms. Spear and your students for allowing me to briefly visit your classroom.
You're the inspiration!



  1. How freaking cool is this. So wonderful to read that you have such a far reaching effect. The kids probably felt even better than you did. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yeah. Answer that 1 more time

    Is it staydil or stuhdel

    1. stuh-del...
      This might sound self-absorbed, but roll together 'stud' and 'el' like stud-el.

    2. Also rhymes with DUD. Just sayin'