Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quesadilla - Part 1

My son and I look forward to Saturday mornings because Dad typically makes breakfast. Let me rephrase that, I really look forward to Saturday mornings because I get to make breakfast for the olive-gobbler and myself. It's the highlight of my whole weekend sometimes. I usually go with one of my two staples, pancakes or an egg and cheese quesadilla. Today, we went with the egg and cheese quesadilla. It's easy to make and we enjoy it together. Sometimes we throw in some bacon (the most delicious thing on earth). We also love to dip our quesadilla in Chik-Fil-A sauce.

Since he's only two-and-a-half, he can't man up to an entire quesadilla yet. Likewise, I should probably watch my cholesterol and avoid routinely eating 3 eggs and cheese every Saturday. It's a delicious compromise. That said, as he gets older he eats more and in turn my cholesterol intake is slightly less, I think.

I came up with a 3 Act idea for our quesadilla breakfasts. You'll notice I don't use halves, fourths, and other math related vocabulary on purpose. It gives you a chance to use that vocabulary with your students. Text included below.

"On the weekends, my son and I look forward to making an egg and cheese quesadilla for breakfast. We scramble the eggs, add the cheese, grill up the tortillas, and when the quesadilla is ready, I cut it into sections so we can share. When he was two years old, he’d only eat one of the sections. Now that he’s a little bit older, he’ll eat more than one, but won’t entirely eat two.  So I need to rethink this."

Quesadilla - Part 2
I'm working on another idea related to this whole circle, fraction idea. Stay tuned.

*Fawn, you're temporarily sworn to secrecy while I line things up.


P.S. How many times did I use the word "whole"?

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