Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I want to investigate Infographics.

Are you using them? If you are, how? What's effective about them? Do they help create discussion in your class? Do they create 'perplexity' as Dan Meyer would want. From the little I have seen of infographics tonight, I see some strong potential, especially with 3Acts and discussion based learning.

One of my RSS feeds, Mr. G Online was talking about Infographics and I thought I'd see if there's any gems. I clicked on Cool Infographics, immediately finding a picture of an iPad and usage. Continuously trying to better train my brain to look for potential math lessons, I quickly:

  1. Snagged the graphic
  2. Added some lovely black boxes and...
  3. Poof! A potential math lesson? 
  4. Uploaded link to

What's the first question that comes to mind?

Is your question, "What percentage is each activity on the iPad?"
Additionally, I want to know if each colored area actually represents that percentage of the iPad screen?

Off to explore some infographics.

12% (that's one of the percentages)


  1. A great idea - I have been trying to incorporate infographics into my lessons but not found any I could really use. Now you have got me started, hopefully I will be able to find some myself. Thanks! Damian

    1. Happy Hunting! Drop me a line if you find any interesting ones. The next step is to start having students create infographics.