Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Law of Lego

I went to the Lego Store in my local mall the other day. There weren't many people in the store so I was able to take a picture of their back wall full of bins with those little magical plastic pieces. I don't know about you, but quite a few questions popped into my head:

  1. How many Legos are in all those bins?
  2. How many pieces could I fit in the quart-sized cup for $14.99 ($15)
  3. If I worked there would I be allowed to build anything I wanted?
  4. Given an hour, what could I build?
  5. Am I dreaming?
  6. Is this a tease?
  7. ...and so on, you get the idea
Most importantly, I left the store with what I think was the best question:

How can I incorporate Legos into my classroom to have an awesome learning experience and lesson?

There's my new objective, especially with surface area and volume coming up in my Geometry class.

What question comes to mind for you?


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