Monday, April 9, 2012

Jumbo and mini STOP signs

Friday was the beginning of my spring break!!!
I took my new tripod, measuring tape, and camera assistant (my 22-month old son) with me to stage a few pictures.
Objective: shoot different sized STOP signs found on the road to his Gymboree classes.

*can be found at

I've been itching to do this math shoot for weeks, but have been busy with school and other miscellaneous things. Ironically, I found these STOP signs to serve two purposes:
  1. I'll be exploring the area of regular polygons with my geometry class when we return from spring break; exploring the apothem, radius, and eventually using these properties for surface area and volume of solids. 
  2. The signs are telling me to STOP, collaborate and listen (sorry, Vanilla Ice). Seriously, I need to:
  • STOP and rethink a few key components to a successful learning environment for my math students. 
  • Collaborate with my teaching counterparts, online and off, and 
  • Listen to the needs of my students, common core standards, technology, the future, and...
I'm working on a vision I had last week regarding the reconstruction of my classroom, how students will come to my class to learn, and the overall learning experience(hint). Stay tuned!



  1. For anyone following this post and using the picture for your class, here's some restricted (on purpose) information:
    The octagons are regular.
    Side length of 'JUMBO' sign is 20 inches
    Side length of 'mini' sign is 7.5 inches
    Distance from one side to opposite side on 'mini' sign is 18 inches.
    Good luck!!!

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