Monday, September 1, 2014


The first day of school is this coming Wednesday. I've never been two days away from the start of school and done so little preparation. It's weird. It's really weird. Here's why:

I won't be:
  • greeting students at my door
  • having students estimate my height
  • having students estimate the total class' height
  • passing out papers with school/class procedures
  • setting up grade books
  • making seating charts
  • hanging up stuff in my room
  • preparing for back to school night
  • preparing homework, notes, photocopies, etc.
  • sharing with my students the math I saw during the summer
Admittedly, I won't terribly miss items four through nine. However, the first three and the last always hold a special place in my math heart.

I'll be one of about fifteen Digital Learning Coaches (DLC) in my district this year. I'll be supporting 8-10 middle school math teachers who volunteered to be a DLC Fellow. Together, we'll be finding ways to integrate technology in their classrooms to meet the needs of their students while providing powerful learning experiences. Every time I look at technology or think about implementing some program, application, or digital tool, I look to ask myself (and the teacher), "will this [digital tool] be a more effective and efficient way for student and teacher to learn mathematics, gather data, assess understanding, or communicate?"

I will be:
  • frequently in the classroom with students and teachers (thank goodness!)
  • listening to teacher needs, desires, and goals
  • building relationships with students and teachers
  • building number sense with students and teachers
  • having (mathematical or non-mathematical) conversations with students and teachers
  • developing/designing lessons
  • teaching (co-teaching or modeling), if necessary
  • sharing many of the wonderful resources from you (the MTBOS)

I know I will miss the classroom and having my own students. However, I look forward to designing lessons and testing them out on different students throughout the district.  I look forward to learning so many things from both the teachers and students. It'll be an extreme pleasure, honor, and learning experience for me to be working alongside so many different teachers and students.



  1. That's an awesome opportunity to report from the field, I'm excited to hear your take on what's working well techwise in math classrooms.