Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Distance, Rate, & Time [Giddy Up!]

Last week I finished Steve Leinwand's Accessible Mathematics. It's a quick, easy, informative, realistic, and applicable read. Get on that!
This week I planned on diving into Standards Based Grading while restructuring some things for next school year. Well, there's still time for SBG. Instead, I've been churning out some new 3 Act lessons with:
  1. Some outtakes to the hexagonal Pencil Cup lesson and...
  2. The beginning of some distance, rate, and time lessons
There's a plethora of resources out there dealing with d = rt. Therefore, I thought I'd try and put my little spin on the whole roundabout. Keep checking my Distance, Rate, & Time album for updates.
Giddy up to summer!

Go the distance,


  1. Damn it, Andrew. Not another book recommendation. I'm a recovering book junkie. Actually I saw you tweeting about the book with @Trianglemancsd and mentioned the title to our workshop director to purchase for the participants!

    Wouldn't it be great if we could afford a bunch of these RC cars for the kids to do d=rt problems? I'm looking at eBay... (and the kids can bring their own too). Don't forget, I get shotgun, not @mmmaaattt, when you rent/own the big Ferrari.

    1. You can totally finish Steve's book within a week. Get on that. It's not anything radical. It just makes sense in many ways. If your blog is any indicator, you're already doing some of the things Steve discusses. I would totally dig having a bunch of RC cars for d=rt questions with students. I know, I know, I know... shotgun. If I forget, you guys can rock, paper, scissors for it.