Monday, May 25, 2015

Questioning Strategies from the #MTBoS

This past week, a fellow asked me about questioning strategies.
I'm not sure where your brain goes when someone asks about questioning, but there's at least a few places my brain goes:
  1. What questioning strategies can we use to unstick students when they're stuck?
  2. What questioning strategies can we use to explore student (mis)understanding?
  3. What questions can we ask when designing lessons/activities/tasks?
  4. What questions can we ask when launching lessons/activities/tasks? 
  5. What questions can we ask...
Thanks to Twitter and the amazing #MTBoS, here's the list you all gave me. Hope this is helpful. If I missed any resources, please add them in the comments.


P.S. Here's the list.


  1. Here's one more

  2. I would add Choice Words and Opening Minds by Peter Johnston.

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