Friday, February 27, 2015

Ask Your Students About 3 Pictures

A few months ago, I asked for some input regarding your experience with photocopiers as I prepare for a session on error analysis. Thanks for all your help and input. As I continue my preparation, I asked Twitter to share three things you noticed about these three pics.

With over 70 responses, the results have been fun to look at. My session is about effectively using error analysis. One small part I'm curious about is if we can make any generalizations about spotting things that seem out of place. Are we conditioned to look for flaws, or is it something we innately do?
Next phase: I'm curious what students see. If you can put this questionnaire in front of your students, I'd be super appreciative. It's anonymous. Just give them the survey and don't tell them anything other than what are two things they notice about each picture. Maybe it'll foster some discussion in your classrooms after they take it.

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