Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thank You 2014

There are many parts of 2014 for which I'm thankful. Here are some math-related ones.
*Apologies if I missed someone or something. Please remind (badger) me in the comments.
  • YOU for reading this blog, giving me feedback, sharing ideas, making suggestions, attending my conference sessions, sharing stories about using tasks or Estimation 180, and being in education to support students (children and adults).
  • The MTBoS for helping me continue to grow as an educator.
  • TUSD for having confidence in me as a coach to support fellow math teachers.
  • TPSF for allowing me to contribute to such an amazing summer learning environment. 
  • DLCs and Co. for being a great bunch of tech-junkies in the name of meaningful learning
  • Conferences:
    • GLAMC for being wonderful people, organizing great mini-conferences, and gathering wonderful Los Angeles teachers.
    • OCMC for hosting highly accessible and meaningful PD opportunities in Orange County throughout the year. 
    • NCSM for allowing me to nerd out with Chamberlain and Kaplinsky in New Orleans.
    • NWMC for a jam-packed conference of sessions in which multiple states and countries can partake in.
    • CMC for holding the best conferences in the biz. I was truly honored to be a small part.
  • Consulting:
    • PYLUSD, Rockwood, and CUSD: thank you all for your confidence and willingness to have me work with your math teachers. I learned a great deal!
  • Christopher Danielson for sending me a wonderful estimation book (still reading).
  • Tracy Zagar for including some Estimation 180 in her upcoming book.
  • Motion Math for making wonderful-amazing-delightful math apps for my son and me to enjoy together.
  • Eric Milou, Gwen Zimmerman, Robert Kaplinsky and Dan Meyer for putting up with me during our NCSM 3-Act project and allowing me to learn a great deal from you all. 
  • Hannah for being the best colleague last school year.
  • My niece for designing the Estimation 180 logo and artwork.
  • Johnny and SPEYSYDE for helping me get my Estimation 180 shirts printed.
  • Steve Leinwand for the continued inspiration and top-notch CCSS elevator speech about MP3.
  • The Math Forum and the Encompass crew for the continued opportunities to connect, collaborate, and create in the name of problem-solving.
  • CueThink for creating a digital problem-solving app to support students and teachers.
  • Global Math Department for allowing me to frequently write a short blurb in their newsletter.
  • Kaplinsky for being a great (math) friend and coercing teachers to ask for sticky note autographs.
  • Fawn for still making fun of me.
  • My students for teaching me.
  • My family for your love and support that encompasses everything.
Thank you,

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