Saturday, January 4, 2014

Daily Something [WCYDWT]


What can you do with this?

Why would a teacher use this?

How would you use this in your class?

What would you add? subtract? replace? other?

How would you use the information from student performance on this?

How could this be used as a pre-assessment? an assessment? an intervention?

Take a few minutes to complete each day. What do you notice?

*  **  ***  ****  *****  ******  *******  ********  *********

Answer as many or as few of these questions... or feel free to add your own.


Thanks in advance!


  1. It's eye catching, I like the formatting of it. The visual of solving for x is interesting. I'd take out a few of the problems and have kids explain their process instead.

  2. It's still early and I haven't finished my coffee, so forgive me if I'm not seeing it correctly... In question one, is the x representing the area of the smaller rectangle or is it representing a dimension of that rectangle?

    1. x represents a dimension of the rectangle. Therefore, Monday's #1, the value of x would be 4. Any suggestions? Thanks for asking.