Sunday, August 11, 2013

Global Math Department: Back to School Night; Ignite!

This Tuesday, August 13, 2013, stop by Global Math Department to find a few teachers testing out an Ignite presentation for their Back to School Night. Read more about the initial Ignite idea.

I received a wealth of feedback from many of you and I appreciate the honesty. I know you have my back! The Back to School Ignite idea might end up being a great way to deliver information to parents on that night, or it might end up being a complete catastrophe. That said, I'm extremely grateful for Chris Robinson to offer us a slot this Tuesday so we can give our presentations a trial run. The interested (brave) teachers are:
Each teacher will present for 5 minutes, using 20 slides at one slide every 15 seconds. We'll be open to constructive feedback, opinions, comments, suggestions, questions, jokes, and more. Your honesty and input will help improve our Back to School Night presentations.
Hope you can make it!
9 p.m. EST
6 p.m. PST

A sneak peek?



  1. Here's the link to the Global Math Department conference room:

  2. Sounds interesting! Hope you guys had fun :)

  3. "can you find the easy error to make in each picture and why should you know it's a mistake without having to redo the whole problem?"