Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garage Jams are my #TMC13

Divisible by 3 is usually used for math talk. It's summer and this post has nothing to do with math. It's just a post about something I love to do, play live music. While so many fun people are enjoying their time in Philadelphia at Twitter Math Camp (#TMC13) this week, I've had the pleasure to jam with my nephew and edit some of the video we captured. For those of you looking for math stuff, my next few posts will definitely be filled with math... trust me.

I set my Flip camera on a tripod in the corner of my garage for capturing my nephew on drums and I taped a GoPro camera (thanks Karim) to the headstock of my guitar for those guitar licks. Here's a quick soundcheck:

My nephew and I get together every so often to jam. We mainly rock out to songs by our favorite artists or songs from the bands I was in during college. Last summer, he added drums to my PEMDAS song. Between the two of us, we'll choose a few songs, practice them individually, come together, talk about a few transitions or endings, count off, and then rock out! Everything here is our first take. I'll start you off with Jimi Hendrix's Spanish Castle Magic found on his album Axis: Bold As Love.

As you can see, we're not trying to nail these songs note for note. We enjoy adding our own style, sound, or feel to the songs we cherish while maintaing the integrity of the original. It's just drums and guitar in case you're wondering why there isn't any thumping bass or screaming vocals. I'm using the audio from the GoPro camera which ended up capturing the sound decently. As for the following songs, the camera definitely picked up more drums than guitar in the mix. That's okay because we're not out to release this stuff for a record deal. This is just pure fun and I'm using this creative space to post it. Up next, Rage Against the Machine's Guerrilla Radio found on their album The Battle of Los Angeles.

Tom Morello comes up with these simple, yet powerful riffs while adding some slick effects to his overall sound and solos. It's always fun and challenging for me to figure out what he's actually using and playing. We had a few other jams on 2013-07-23, but this will be the last one I share here. You'll find updates inside this Vimeo Album. We both enjoy Incubus and have jammed to many of their songs. This last song was a last minute decision, but I think it turned out alright. Here's Blood on the Ground from their Morning View album.

It's always a blast getting together with my nephew. He's off to college in the Fall and our opportunities to get together and jam will be fewer. Maybe we can jam via Google Hangout! It's been a pleasure to watch him improve at drumming over the years and really have a wonderful ear and talent for music. As promised, this post has nothing to do with math. I'm not rambling about how jealous I am of those at Twitter Math Camp because live music truly has a special place in my heart. I'll return in a couple of days with some thoughts as I prepare for my CMC South presentation in November.


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