Sunday, October 28, 2012

CMC - South: What could be?

November 2 and CMC South are only a few days away! I'm excited for a few reasons:
  1. World of Nathan Kraft is flying in (if Hurricane Sandy isn't too absurd this week) from PA to attend. I'll pick him up and we'll carpool to Palm Springs for the conference.
  2. Fantastic Fawn is literally missing her favorite football 'game of the year' to attend and cause some trouble with Nathan and me.
  3. Mullet King Matt Vaudrey is both attending and presenting.
  4. Recent doctorate and newly appointed Mathalicious brain Matt Lane is making the trip.
  5. The infamous Dan Meyer is presenting (need I say more?).
  6. ... and there will be a Tweetup on Friday with all these fab people, hopefully with John Berray too.
There are some appealing conference speakers this year. I wish there were more on Standards Based Grading. I think the two presentations I'm most looking forward to (besides Dan's) are Standards Based Grading to Evaluate Mathematical Practices by Lisa Miller and Take Your Places by Brad Fulton. I've seen Brad present before. He has got some great ideas and is hilarious with a capitol H. Sorry Mullet Vaudrey, I truly wish I could be at two places at once. Video record yours and post it, will ya?

I'll admit, there are parts of me that would get a kick out of the following:
  1. Nathan checks his tuba at the airport, pays the outrageous fee, and carries it around CMC testing out the echos. Heck, we are in the desert, but there is a small mountainside nearby and we could test the echo off of that sucker. 
  2. Tuba Echo from Nathan Kraft on Vimeo.
  3. Matt Vaudrey needs to sport a mullet the entire CMC (if he hasn't grown one out by now) and have his camera ready to take pictures of some locals with mullets. I'll bet Matt a beer that by the end of Friday, we spot at least 3 mullet-y locals worthy of your ratio lesson for this year.
  4. Fawn, better bring me that box full of avocados she owes me from File Cabinet. I'm tempted to pack my OG Nintendo and Tetris so we can have a little Tetris showdown. That way, she can't cheat on her Xbox (Okay, she might still kick my butt). At least I'll stand a better chance, right? If she doesn't bring me the avocados, maybe she'll bring me all her Brad Fulton books so I can steal, I mean copy them.
  5. As for Dan Meyer, I'm looking forward to meeting him and actually looking up at someone for a change. I'm speaking of height here people. I look up to everyone mentioned in this post! However, wouldn't it be fun if our Twitter group heckled him during his entire presentation?
Stay tuned for a full report from CMC and some fun contributions to

CMC to be,


  1. Must.... contain.... jealousy.........

    That sounds like a great time in the making! Have brew for me.

  2. Andrew, I will take that mullet bet. You may have noticed at past conferences the distinct positive correlation between mathematics educators and male pattern baldness. It's well above 50%. Seriously, take a tally.
    We'll be hard-pressed to find a mullet among all the chrome-domes and cue-balls.

    1. Agreed on the above 50%. When I say 'locals' I'm referring to the Palm Springs locals as in those living in Palm springs. I'm sticking with the bet. It's on!